Our Mission
Connecting Food with Those in Need

Create Education Linkages Non Formal -> Formal Help realise the potential for a Happier India

Every individual in India having access to food.  Feeding Hope, Fighting Hunger across India.

Why and Who do we serve?

Our efforts are towards a sustainable impact on the food provision to secure children from vulnerabilities which the poor/extremely poor are exposed to every day.

  1. Food for Education reaching out to about 15,000 children in the age group of 6-14 years across 11 cities daily which helps ensure parents send children to school. This way the children are secure and saved from the vulnerabilities.
  2. Create linkages for children to enroll in formal schools to help realize their potential
  3. Create linkages for mothers of children to acquire skills and create market linkages for the products or services of these trained women.

Where do we serve?
Shelter Homes, Non-Formal Education Centres. Crèches in Slum Areas

What do we serve:

Serving mostly the first meal of the day that the children eat.  Following is the indicative list of items served for Breakfast and Lunch:

Breakfast Program (All meals prepared on site)

• Egg and Bread
• Fruits
• Milk & biscuit

• Poha
• Idli Sambhar
• Wheat Porridge

Lunch Program (All meals prepared on site)

• Rice and Dal
• Add on includes Salad, Paneer, Halwa, Jeera Aloo etc 
• Milk Program, 200 ml

Summer Add On Program
• GluconD–OrangeFlavour
• Water Rich Fruits

Impact Indicators of our implementation
Increase in enrollments and attendance of the child
Improvement in Physical Development
Enhancement of Neurological Development based on Performance of the child Number of children mainstreamed on an annual basis
Economic benefits to Families and Feeding Centres in terms of saving money Quantitative and Qualitative feedback and evolution from children
Happiness Quotient of Child most crucial

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