What do we do

We support and provide food and access to nutrious food for feeding programs providing a nutritious wholesome plate to those who would not otherwise have access to this.  

We provide a nutritious meal @ INR 21 (Twenty One), which is possible through the contributions of supporters. 

We promote integrated development which sees the value of nutrition beyond simply the provision of food to the hungry. Instead it sees the longer term positive impacts of providing nutritional meals to beneficiaries which include better health and well being, income and education. Ultimately its intended objective is to create through appropriate nutrition - the foundations for a food secure and thereby socially stable society.

Key objectives of Delhi NCR Foodbank

  • Provide access to nutritious food for vulnerable populations in a sustained manner
  • Contribute towards improving food security in India through provision of better nutrition
  • Strengthen food sourcing, logistics and delivery to ensure effective food distribution
  • To work minimise environmental footprint by accessing surplus and salvage near expiry date food for disbursement at partner feeding centres and thereby minimising food wastage.
  • Advocate for hunger alleviation, improved nutrition and food safety
  • To improve the livelihoods and nutritional intake of undernourished children, women and low income families.
  • Integrate Nutrition into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), programs of corporations in India.
  • Integrate Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Education and Livelihoods with feeding programs 
  • Create FoodBanks across India and Asia with local implementation partners.

We collect food and non food donations from individuals, food companies, manufacturers, exporters, distributers, supermarkets, retailers, corporate, schools and individuals and redistributes these to those in need through feeding centres which provides services to schools, charitable hospitals, orphanages, the homeless and faith-based organizations.

Delhi NCR Foodbank serves the community by creating a systematic and lean process that connects people in need, with food. This is a system that moves food from donors to the people who need it and engages all sectors of society with a stakeholder driven model.  

We work hard to build sustainable partnerships with  corporates and other business, schools, NGOs as well as reaching out to individuals who help us in our endeavours.

Delhi NCR FoodBank started in 2012 and is run by the Responsenet Development Services (RDS), India. Foodbanking as a concept has been implemented globally since 1967 with the first Foodbank in Arizona, USA.  Delhi NCR FoodBank is not a traditional FoodBank model and is operating on a unique localised model with a focus on providing Nutrition as the core metric of measurement.  We work as aggregators for numerous Feeding Programs through the food and financial support provided by our partners and supporters.

We are also a vehicle to increase public awareness about hunger and malnourishment.  Alongwith our partners we serve as a powerful voice that drives policy decisions that impact the food security of individuals and communities. Delhi NCR FoodBank was the first such Foodbank in India supported by Cargill, GAIN and DLF Foundation.

The bottom line is to source and salvage food and deliver it directly to those that need it most through a network of feeding programs.

If you are interested in learning more please see the section on The Big Issue  or if you are convinced and want to do something to help the fight against malnutrition and hunger please Get Invovled where you can donate financially or donate your time to run a Food Drive or volunteer your time to serve those in need.

Our Food bank links donors to beneficiaries. See how it works

Corporations are at the heart of the work we are undertaking. Since we have started we have worked with over 113 corporates and over 70,000 individuals to help connect food to those who need it the most. If you would like your organisation to get involved please get in touch.

We provide an opportunity to create or operationalise, as an implementation partner, a nutrition based focus in your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandate.  This also includes integration with or for programs in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Education and Livelihoods.

Schools have partnered with many schools across Delhi to create awareness and integrate children in programs for Hunger and Malnutrition.

We create hands on experience based programs for Small Groups of Children or entire schools to run food drives and volunteer at feeding programs in and around Delhi.  Get in touch with us to learn how we can work with Schools in Delhi NCR region.

Individuals make a huge impact and are one of our most generous contributors. that help raise awareness, and raise foods and funds for those who need it the most.  Get in touch with us to tell us how you would like to contribute.

Partner feeding programs:

The 18 Feeding Partners across 32 Feeding Programs in Delhi NCR such as schools, charitable hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters, faith-based organisations, as well as others are the Core Partners who are the last mile partners that Deliver and Get Food to those who need it the most.  


You can also see our work at our Image Gallery