We believe that everyone deserves to have the basic aspiration of food met. Delhi NCR Foodbank encourages all charitable organisations with institutionalised feeding programs to reach out and work with us and to create and gain access to our food supply for sustained feeding in Delhi NCR, India.

Any organisation registered as Trust, Society, Educational institutions and faith- based organisation running institutional feeding programs within Delhi & NCR can approach the Delhi NCR Foodbank.

Individuals wanting to help can contact us to find an Institutional Feeding Program near you already benefitting from Delhi Foodbank to create an integrated approach to delivery and creating a shared value from donors and feeding programs.

Delhi Foodbank supports the fight against hunger and also for emergency preparedness and pre positioning.

If you are interested in accessing food from us, kindly read the below criteria before you contact us:

  1. Must have an institutional feeding program running or is seeking to assist establish a new institutional feeding program in New Delhi / NCR.
  2. Must be duly registered for charitable purposes
  3. Must not sell, transfer, barter or offer for sale the items supplied by the food bank in exchange for money, property or services, or otherwise allow the items to re-enter commercial channels in any way of the food received from Delhi Foodbank.
  4. Must serve food directly through its services in the form of meals or food packages or distribute packaged goods for emergency situations.
  5. Must have adequate refrigeration and storage space to ensure the wholesomeness of the food until used, and/or redistributed.
  6. Must be appropriately licensed as required by a food service establishment according to the service it provides. Adherence to local laws of health inspectorates services for food safety, cleanliness etc. This includes management and procedures from sourcing, transportation, storage to delivery.
  7. Must provide transportation to pick up food at the Foodbank warehouse locations either in New Delhi or Gurgaon.
  8. Must allow monitoring of the storage and service facilities and appropriate records systems as and when required by Delhi Foodbank or its donors / assignees.
  9. Must maintain a file for receipts based on Delhi Foodbank procedures of all food from the food bank for one year.
  10. Must provide services neutrally and not deny access to donated product on the basis of race, creed, origin, religious affiliations, gender, age or any other reason.
  11. Must permit an audit based on frequency mutually decided with Delhi Foodbank of processes and delivery of food with access to beneficiaries.
  12. Provide all organisational registration and financial audited reports for empanelment based on registration tenure of organisation.

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